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Kei Akuma [Re-Draw] by Shun-Takei
Kei Akuma [Re-Draw]
Here you can see the old drawing~

Originally I just wanted to edit the head of the old drawing a tiny bit so I could upload it on another site as "old art" without its worst mistakes because I’ve always liked the colours of the drawing.

But the more I worked on it the more mistakes I found so I redid it completely. :’D And I finally decided to remove Kei’s dog ears… Colour puking was a lot of fun~
Hello my dear followers!

In case I have German watchers or watchers who are interested in buying Manga translated into German I want to let you know that I am selling some of my Manga. Apart from 独占欲 (dokusenyoku) all of them are German translations.…

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Hello my dear followers!

In case I have German watchers or watchers who are interested in buying Manga translated into German I want to let you know that I am selling some of my Manga. Apart from 独占欲 (dokusenyoku) all of them are German translations.…

Check out this link for further information.


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UmiHoshi Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi~ same person from tumblr here. might be easier to talk it over in here then to clog people's dashes

what dafu did was really really REALLY bad. but considering he knew he was going to die, I can't blame him for freaking out and doing something incredibly stupid.
(Dafu's not dead, though! O^O)

the character designs of Furuya all look really alike at first glance, but they all have very unique features. like dentaku's freckles and shoujo eyes. jacob's bigger ears and eyes standing a but further apart and thicker eyebrows. nico's bags under his eyes.
a friend of mine would totally rage at people who don't appreciate Jacob xD he pretty much represents what everyone would do in this kind of situation. 'I know it's bad, but I don't want people to outcast me, so I'm just tagging along and ignoring everything'
Raizo is visually attractive, so people like him better... but he really wasn't all that important to the story.

yeah, tamiya with the slingshot works well, cuz he doesn't have it for one particular moment (you know what's terrible, though? he pretended to shoot Dafu twice, as a joke. the joke's on you, Tami)

zera and the broken king would result in him completely freaking out. the unbroken king could've worked, but I think a lychee's more significant to him and the story.

yeah, I get what you mean with zera's and jaibo's relationship. zera's not fit for a relationship, but it wasn't like he was against it either. it had a lot of benefits for him. If Jaibo left him completely cold, he wouldn't have taken the nickname 'zera'.
zera likes his ego being stroked and jaibo did it for him. the only problem is that he wanted to replace him with kanon. and jaibo whispered suggestive crazes in his ear to keep zera dependent on him and thus shit went down.
I know it's not hard to believe that zera really saw jaibo as nothing but a toy, but I don't know.... something about that last scene striked me as odd. in those last few pages, Zera REALLY lost it. He also tried to warn Jaibo about Litchi standing behind him. I personally think that calling jaibo a toy was some kind of defense mechanism to kill off all the emotions he could have possibly had.

kanon's character is actually really intriguing. because she is so non-standard! what Zera wanted was a beautiful girl, her being asleep didn't matter. all that interested him was her looks, not her character. so it really wouldn't have mattered that she was blunt or apathetic or even stupid.
her being the mainchar in my fic has made me realize a lot about her character.
( *casually slides a WIP over with shaking hands* OvO;;;; )
she's a really easy going girl and doesn't want to think about too complicated things. she had to be, or she would have been frightened as hell. her pretending to be asleep was the best thing she could do at that moment.
the way how she is with litchi is a bit odd, because she really does seem to believe he is human. but if Litchi believes so himself, who is she to judge?
the only thing I consider to be a bit hypocrite of her is that she told Litchi that if he were to kill someone, he wouldn't be a human. but then she helped Litchi out with killing Jaibo and attempting to kill Zera. self-defense, sure. but she still came back on her word and it might have hurt him.

Bokura was a great add. I really hope they'll add elements from it in the new movie. although the stage play was about LHC only and already took over 2 hours... I vote for second movie!

the anime was amazing! it was the first thing I saw of LHC and I got so attached to the characters. it's just those small things you get to know of them. like dafu being a crybaby and liking baseball. or jacob liking manga. Dentaku wanting to get rich. and Jaibo freaking DROPPING Zera over Hakuei!! and Zera just being there like 'I am surrounded by actual toddlers', even though he's the biggest nerd of them all. and he just cuts down everyone's jokes, but with Tamiya he's like 'Ihavenoactualideahowtoreplytoyou,whyareyousosensible??'
I wanna watch it again now ovo they need to make more of them, honestly!

I need a creditcard for amazon, so nope.
I can read Japanese. but since hikari club is an 18+ manga, it doesn't have furigana (how to pronounce the kanji), so I can't read it.

I can get so sad if people dislike long posts. like, if I write something, I usually actually research things to prove my points and such. and then when people go like 'I didn't need the hour lecture', it really feels like a spilled waste...
Shun-Takei Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Hahah yeah that’s probably right :D So let’s carry on our long ass talk on dA :‘D


I really can understand Dafu’s actions right before his death! Although I can’t understand Kanon here as well… there was a minimal chance that Nico and Zera were watching over Dafu, at least she couldn’t know, so I would have expected her to do ANYTHING against this sexual abuse, which it clearly was.


Yeah, that’s true, Jacob is the normal one among those 9 boys. I actually like him and all, but… I don’t quite understand him. How can he stay so normal after all that happened? I would have expected him to become a bit crazy as well… but is it because he has so little meaning to the whole story? Raizou didn’t change much as well… because of the same reason?


The quote you used fits pretty well to both, Raizou and Jacob, if you ask me. Since both of them were fascinated by that Robot-thing Zera and the trio planned. They joined because they didn’t want to be outcasted – I don’t think they actually believed Zera (or Nico in this case) would kill them. Even though they imagined their own skeleton I don’t think a middle schooler actually believes another middle schooler would kill someone. No matter how seriously Zera said it. The two were just to fascinated and wanted to be part of the whole thing. A bit similar to Nico, who just wanted to have friends, to stop being alone all that damn time! He even sacrificed himself more than once to not lose his position. Oh god, Nico is so important to me! :x That poor boy! T^T


I actually like the fact, that Raizou and Jacob are friends. Like, Raizou, the beautiful maiden, and Jacob, the average looking guy with silly jokes – adorbs! Now I wanna draw them together! <3 Such a nice contrast!


YES OH GOD when I started those drawings again, I also re-read Bokura, just to get the feeling back and such… and there were those “jokingly aiming at Dafu” scenes and I screamed at my monitor!! I mean, I already knew those scenes from previous times I read Bokura, but… THIS IS TOO MUCH! If he KNEW that he later on will shoot Dafu with THIS VERY SLINGSHOOT!!! GNARGH!


Ah, no! I planned to give the broken king to Tamiya in the drawing, not Zera. But that didn’t work since Jaibo was the one who broke it. :’D


But generally a relationship would be against those 10 commandments if I am not wrong? “Eight: I shall have no desire or need for love or affection. As such, friendships and relationships are intolerable!” – You could argue that Zera had no feelings for Jaibo (which I do not believe, especially after Litchi smashed him I clearly believe that that moved Zera, but he tried to lie to himself while making a fool out of Jaibo. Also agreeing to that self-defense mechanism you mentioned) and that this has nothing to do with affection and love… but in the end I believe that Zera broke his own commandments.


The thing that “annoys” me the most about Kanon is, as mentioned before, the fact that she even ignored it when she was being abused by Dafu. And that she was able to run away with Tamiya’s help but went back just because Litchi couldn’t escape???!??!!! And in the end, she KISSED that robot, played the piano and sang, surrounded by 7 corpses, no actually MANY organs and blood and shit scattered around that basement. Then she just went like “Okay, that story’s over, let’s head home I’ve got homework to do.”

I can agree to most of the things she did. Also the fact that she believed Litchi was a human – let’s call it part of her character. As you said, it didn’t matter to Zera whether she was intelligent or now. Let’s say believing that Litchi is human was part of her way to think. I do believe she actually knew he was a robot, but… when Litchi told her he was human she accepted that as the truth and decided to handle Litchi as human.

Why she gave Litchi the lychee is… paradox. Noone can tell me that she wouldn’t know Litchi would kill Jaibo once he was able to move again! And, judging on the way Kanon jumped in Litchi’s arms right after he killed Jaibo I don’t believe that she was frightened to death and believed Jaibo would kill her. In fact I had the feeling Jaibo would let her go and that’s it.

The part with the broken glass and him cutting her skin – he just wanted to underline the point he wanted to make to Zera. I don’t think he actually wanted to hurt or kill her – since Kanon herself didn’t do anything to Zera (in contrary to that frog or cat). He just wants to get rid of her, meaning, letting her go. And I think Jaibo also thought that Kanon wouldn’t return.

(But we had that before and she DID return because of Litchi and that’s actually stupid imo – the only little thing bugging me really much about LHC.)

I think, in the end Zera would have died no matter what. But I also believe if Kanon hadn’t given Litchi that lychee, Jaibo would have survived. (Zera would have gone insane and probably killed himself in the end.) I think Jaibo really would have let go of Zera.

Or, killed Zera and himself afterwards… that’s also a possible outcome I could imagine. And, both of them are more logical to me, because it doesn’t go against a characters ideals as it did with Kanon, who purposely made Litchi kill someone!


I also hope that they add parts of Bokura to the movie, because as I said LHC alone isn’t enough to fully understand the depths of LHC!


JAIBO DROPPING ZERA FOR HAKUEI YES!! HAHHAHAhahaha! Also love those little details~ <3


Aaah I understand! I wonder how much of it I will actually understand. But I bet it will be a nice practice after all. :’D Luckily, I have some Kanji recognizing programs, which will help me. Practice is always good lalala~ I just think I should read a newspaper instead of an 18+ horror Manga :’D


I feel you!! As I said I really tend to do long ass comments, because… I am not that good with words, so I write as much as possible to make sure the other does understand. I got misunderstood too often, so I take extra care :’D Also, it’s so nice to talk!


Oh, about your WIP, I read it! :D And I like your writing style.

I just noticed one thing about Nico and Tamiya, they both died not that near to each other ^^; The only hand Nico could have held would have been Zera or Raizou’s… But it’s okay to ignore that detail, to make that little hand thing happen – because it’s actually so beautiful! T^T

Ah, you updated! :o Okay now, but that’s truly beautiful! DAFU LIVES!!! T^T Let’s all believe he canonly survives as well! Even though I still can’t warm up with Kanon, I really like this fanfiction!


About the nicknames… I was wondering about many of them… I recently noticed where that Jacob came from, so I wonder if that Dafu is similar…? Or is there any official explanation for Dafu?

山田こぶ平 Yamada Kobuhei

Dafu would be not that obvious, but… his surname is 田伏( たぶせ) Tabuse, maybe he just changed the tenten and used the first two mora...? That would be Dafu...

Nico & Zera were explained, Raizou, Tamiya and Kaneda used their own names. Dentaku was explained as well... the only one left is Jaibo...

I asked my dictionary what his name could mean, but the only information I got was snake or evil for the Ja and wart for ibo… I don’t actually think that this was what is behind his name… XD Or was it? I’ll never know XD

UmiHoshi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It would have been dangerous for Kanon to wake up at that time. she wasn't friends with Litchi yet. and there was no telling what Dafu would do to her if she resisted (you and I know he'd run off like a scardy cat. but not knowing his character, he might have gotten violent with her.) she was tied down, afterall. there was nothing she could do to resist.
the only weird thing about that being: how can you reason so levelheaded in that situation?

the story is basically about how easy it is for a dictator to gain power.
Zera took use of some basic element to win each of them over.
For Jaibo, it was admiration and lust. basically giving Jaibo what he wanted, gained him unconditional loyalty. Love is the easiest thing to manipulate.
he took use of Tamiya's kindness and the fact that Dafu and Kaneda do as Tamiya says.
he took use of both Nico and Dentaku being out casted and put them on a pedestal. Dentaku as the main developer to litchi, second to Zera alone. and Nico as eins. Nico wasn't so much in love with Zera as he was with his own pride.
For Jacob and Raizou it was in the beginning fear. he threatened to kill them. but for boys age 11, what meaning does that hold? Zera didn't seem like someone who could do that. (Jaibo sure did, though. but he wasn't there yet). all they just wanted was joining the robot plan. them imagining themselves as skeletons is essentially the result from reading too much comic books.
to them, it really must've seemed like a game in the start. a game they wanted to be part of. and if something bad happened, they closed their eyes to it, believing it was up to someone else to solve it.
it's something anyone would do in the regime of a dictator. 'don't say anything or you'll be different from the rest. and being different is dangerous.' psychology 101.
and asides from all that: Being with Zera was genuinely FUN for them. for example, the tiny robot he build was really cool to the 3, dentaku and jaibo. and they were impressed by him predicting what the bullies would do.
they lived in a city where there was nothing to do but growing up to be numb adults. but if they were with Zera, they were building a robot and doing bad boy stuff and learn German and feel a sense of unity and freedom. 
they lived in a world where they were nothing.... and when you're nothing, you desperately want to be SOMETHING. so if someone tells you you're gonna take over the damn world with them... yeah, big chance a 11 year old would totally bite.
the same thing counted for Zera himself, just the same. he was nothing. but Maruo (the fortune teller) told him he was someone destined for greatness. and this drove him entirely over the edge.

yes, a relationship based on actual emotions was completely against Zera's rules. if he could, he'd ban all emotions. he would have, if they had continued for much longer.
but for a 12 year old, he sure understood the difference between love and sex well and that they don't actually have to do anything with each other.
Zera's form of 'caring' for Jaibo was very selfish. as was Jaibo's. but they were intrigued with each other. not exactly love, though. Jaibo may not exactly have been a toy to Zera. but he was a pet, no doubt.
and yes, Zera's terribly hypocritical. they were against adults. but the guy telling him about the 'prophesy' was an adult too. I suppose he believed he IS the law, so has no need to abide to it.

as for Kanon going back to Litchi.... I think it's actually really brave that she didn't abandon him. Tamiya would be fine by his own. but she couldn't betray litchi by just leaving him behind and possibly be used to Zera's whims again.
Zera's 'love' is purely based on logics and can be easily tossed aside. Kanon's love is irrational and maybe silly, but it's pure.

hahahah. no no no, Jaibo would have definitely killed her. the 0,00000001% chance that she would keep a part in Zera's shallow heart scared the living hell out of him, he didn't want that risk.
but he didn't do so right away, because he didn't want Zera to hate him and wanted to know in that moment who Zera loved more.
If he'd favor Kanon, he'd kill her out of jealousy. if he'd favor Jaibo, Kanon would no longer be needed.
He waited. but he was definitely planning to kill her. his entire plan existed out of eliminating anyone who pulled Zera's eyes away from him, afterall. because every time Zera freaked out, who was the one to comfort him? Jaibo.
Zera's lack of emotions drove him to kill.
Jaibo's execive amount of emotions did the same.
they fit eachother terribly and I love this ship ovo;;

I think the second option is more likely. Zera's too scared of death to take his own life. and Jaibo couldn't possibly live without him.
Jaibo had desperately tried to find someone who coped with him before, ultimately chasing them away. there's a big chance he may have lived with his father alone and that he was treating him badly. Jaibo didn't have anyone else and Zera was the first and only who looked back at him, talked to him, was happy with the things he did and didn't feel threatened. with the trust issues he has, he will never get over Zera.

I personally think that practicing kanji is a lot better in casual settings then in the newspaper. in actual conversation, the 'keigo'(politeness) is too high in newspapers.

the only downsides of long replies is that you have to search which reply was to what. and it takes you all day to type it out OTL

yeah, I didn't know when you'd read it, so I added as I was writing.
I notice now too that Tamiya's laying all the way on the other side.. I confused Raizo with Tamiya, but Tamiya didn't have his jacket
I mostly did it to get my taminico friend to sob bitter tears, tho ovo
And it's just a small thing, so it should be okay... I hope...

oh come on! it's like a none spoken rule in fiction that if someone is in a coma, they're bound to come back!
thank you for reading it. it gave me the strength to write on!

Dafu's nickname comes from Tabu yeah, with Ta changing to Da and Bu changing to Fu ( たぶ / だふ )
it's the same with for example Richard -> Rick -> Dick

if we knew what was going on in Jaibo's mind, the story in this manga wouldn't have happened. all I can think of is that the -bo is the male equivalent of -ko, as to make it cuter.
as for what 'Jai' means... I have no idea. all I can think of is 'Yaite' which means to burn. considering his real name has to do with water, it would be ironic.
But he called himself that before he met Zera and the others. So I think he just dislikes his name and came up with something on the fly.
Shun-Takei Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Haha, that’s exactly what I was criticizing here – Kanon being way too levelheaded in that and also other scenes. But I just believe that’s her character, she is that way. It coincidentally fits her role and she can act that way.


The actual problem with such long comments is also the fact that when you got nothing to reply you have just such a short comment… I mean, I am agreeing to all of the things you said, so… ^^; ??? I am confused and worried, short comments after such a long text makes me feel pretty anxious >…..<


Ah, no, I really should read newspaper as that is what is happening next semester. :’D Keigo will be taught I think at the end of 3rd semester and all this vocabulary used in newspaper, especially for the political and economic part, is something I’d never voluntarily learn, so… I kinda need to force myself… and learning them senselessly, just… trying to remember them by heart would drive me crazy. XD That’s why I actually like the newspaper option (I also have access to Japanese newspaper bc of my uni), but I never was and never will be interested in that… it was hard learning those things in English already. :’D

Casual settings are nice and such, I also read (or try to read as far as I can) other things like novels, Manga and such. Try to listen to seiyuus or singers talking, listen to movies… I would like to have a tandem partner, but my tandem partner seems to be extremely busy and it makes me sad… I am too afraid of asking someone else… there are some Japanese guys who want to do tandem here, but… ^^;

Well, my weakness isn’t actually Kanji, but talking Japanese. :’D I am among the best in class concerning Kanji… but, this post wasn’t about me studying Japanese, sorry ^^;


Well… you could easily ignore that detail because who the hell would check that? I noticed it accidentally because just before I read you fanfiction I studied the page where they were dead on the ground and took my time to identify those boys and that was pretty interesting!


I am really sorry for that short reply! *hides*

greatyu Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for joining :iconanime-samurai: club!
Shun-Takei Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks to you for having me! ^_^
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