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The Number Eins of Hikari Club by Shun-Takei
The Number Eins of Hikari Club

Kaneda ☆ Nico ☆ Jaibo ☆ Raizou

Next to Jaibo comes Nico if I had to name my favourite boys from Litchi Hikari Club. He’s a poor boy who didn’t deserve any of that shit! Okay… actually noone did… maybe Zera, because he’s sick. And actually Jaibo, because it’s his fault mostly… but I love Jaibo, soooo…

Nico’s drawing was hard for me, because how do you draw someone in seiza?? o.O Also, why did I decide to draw him from the front? Front is my weakest point! But I like the outcome nevertheless :D

Okay, I have one sketch left - Kaneda - and he will most likely be the last one. I won’t do the other 5 boys in the near future. Ask me in another 2.5 years maybe. XDD

The true Number Eins of Hikari Club by Shun-Takei
The true Number Eins of Hikari Club

Kaneda ☆ Nico ☆ Jaibo ☆ Raizou

2 years and a bit later I continue my Litchi Hikari Club drawings. X’D I still remember me wanting to draw all 9 boys… back then I sketched 4 of them (Raizou, Jaibo, Nico and Kaneda) and finished only Raizou. And now I am able to present Jaibo! :D


Shun-Takei has started a donation pool!
116 / 3,000
Hey there!!

I want to have Premium Membership for the next year. :floating:

But I'm not able to reach my aim alone, so maybe you would like to help me?
I appreciate every single point!

Lot's of Love

You must be logged in to donate.
I am open for commissions.
Here you'll find anything concerning the process.

The price is a sum of  Technique + Type

Arrow left Outlines or Pencil Shading or Colouration → Technique
Arrow left Headshot or Half Body or Full Body → Type


Arrow left Outlines → Type-Price

(the examples were done with vector lines, I won't use them anymore, but I have no lineart only drawing online. The lines I draw from now on look like the ones in the next category.)
You are Me by Shun-TakeiCOMMISSION - Kyle Tamison (Fusseldings) by Shun-Takei

Arrow left Outlines + one/base colour → Type-Price + $15/11€

In the end trust will lead to despair... by Shun-TakeiHe isn't just very strong... by Shun-TakeiI want to become a dark wing... by Shun-TakeiDradra and Trici's OC Meme: T-chan's Results by Shun-TakeiLove isn't that bad, even if you may think so.. by Shun-TakeiThe Shining Maiden of Hikari Club by Shun-Takei

Arrow left Digital Colouration:

There are two different options you can chose – either with outlines or without (semi-realistic).

With Outlines → Type-Price + $20/15€

Semi-Realistic/no Outlines → Type-Price + $30/23€

Coloured Outlines:
Affection by Shun-TakeiTo Dradra and Trici by Shun-TakeiInaproachable by Shun-TakeiBetween Love and Loyality by Shun-TakeiKei Akuma by Shun-Takei

Semi-Realistic/no Outlines:
And here I am now, a slave to the darkness... by Shun-TakeiConversation by Shun-TakeiSometimes, the best days are... by Shun-TakeiSurrounded by the scent of Sunflowers by Shun-TakeiTanjou omedetou Kuro-chan! by Shun-Takei


Arrow left Headshot –> $5/4€

Gimme all those kinds of sweets to lick on~ by Shun-TakeiThere will always be something between... by Shun-TakeiDarkness has always attracted me more than Light by Shun-Takei

Arrow left Half body –> $8/6€

Stop smiling like an idiot and... by Shun-TakeiYou look kinda flabby and weak, but... by Shun-TakeiYou see, I don't like this shit either... by Shun-Takei

Arrow left Full body –> $13/10€

Although they are cold... by Shun-TakeiI am like a big brown teddy bear you say? by Shun-TakeiCold Snow on my Cold Skin by Shun-Takei

Arrow left Additional Character: + $5/4€ (max. 5 Characters)

Arrow left Additional Background: + $10/7,50€


What am I able to draw?

I think there's nothing I wouldn't draw. But it could happen, that I don't want to make one commission, because the topic doesn't fit my abilities.

I am open for everything – Porn (as long as doesn't focus on children) as well as brutal things. Same for animals, even though my comfort zone are humans.

I am not the best in drawing backgrounds, but I always give my best! Because it is really difficult for me, I make the pictures with no or really simple background. If you want to have one real background, tell me and you'll have to pay „additional background", too.

What I want to know from you:

At first I want to have a Note/PM/ENS in which you write:

1. You want a commission.

2. What Technique the commission should have - Outlines/Outlines with base colour/Digital coloring (coloured Outlines / no outlines)

3. What Type of commission - Headshot/Half-Body/Full-Body

4. What your picture should be about:
Tell me about the character (the characters) you want to have.
-> name, age, sex, personality of character, appearance & behaviour

Give me image references and tell me about important wishes you have.

You can also give me references concerning the position the characters should have or tell me, what exactly you want the characters to do/to wear/to whatever... :D

5. Tell me you e-mail-address (should be the one used at PayPal, so that I can use it for the bill. But you can also name me another one, but make clear which one is used at paypal) so that I can send you sketches/WIPs and you can give me your okay to finish the commission. I want to draw nothing the commissioner probably doesn't like, so I used to send them sketches first.

6. Tell me if you would like to pay with $ or and (if you haven't done in 5.) tell me your e-mail-adress so that I can send you the bill via paypal. You have to pay after you give me the okay to the sketch. I'll finish it when I got the money.

What may happen?

Maybe I am sending many many notes about getting information. It often happens, that I am not sure if I can do this or that so I often ask the commissioner about more information.

And it can also happen, that you have to wait for a while. Sometimes I really have huge artblocks, so I can't finish anything. On top of that I am in the middle of my Japanese study, so sometimes my university life is more important...

But you can be sure, after accepting a commission I will finish it!


You can always send me a note if you have any question. I check them every day at least one time.

Shun Takei

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